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Agency Mission

Our Mission: To improve the quality of life for children, families, older adults,

and the community by providing social services, educational programs and advocacy.

Our Vision

To be a premier organization that provides a diverse array of services advancing the quality of life for children, families, and communities.

Curious Child

Our Core Values:

We believe:

  • that every child is a person of worth and that the children of our community are our most valuable resource

  • that children and families should have the opportunity to live in an environment that enables them to develop healthy self-concepts to achieve their potential and to become productive citizens

  • that children must be given the opportunity to be reunited with their families, to be adopted or placed in good foster homes, or provided long term care in a safe family environment

  • that children should be aware of and exposed to appropriate productive adult role models and protected from inappropriate adult relationships

  • that children need opportunities to learn to trust, independence, self-confidence, effective social skills and appropriate behavior

  • in teaching others about the needs of our children and inviting the community to contribute toward the enhancement of those needs

  • that older adults are to be valued, respected and offered opportunities to be productive in a safe environment


We are committed:

  • To the physical, educational, social, mental, moral well-being and development of the children and their families in our care, and the community we serve

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