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Crisis Care and Emergency Placement

Call 1-844-803-7233 (24hr.)

Services provides a safe 24 hour environment designed with intervention measures to immediately alleviate crisis by providing emergency shelter, food, clothing, educational needs, conflict resolution, emergency medical attention and counseling referrals to prevent child abuse and neglect. The program helps to reduce parental stress, improve family communication skills, and prevent future crisis.


Annie Malone Therapeutic Academy

Promotes successful learning behaviors and outcomes for students referred by the St. Louis Public School Board of Education, grades K-12 with Individual Education Plans (IEP’s). Students that are successful with therapeutic programming will be able to return to their regular school environment and advance to the next academic level. Based on the student's needs, students receive individual and group therapy along with family resources. Staff also engages the families with various parent involvement activities. Call 1-844-803-7233 (24hr.)

Community Based Program

AMCFS offers a free community based program providing instruction to re-establish and promote healthy, nurturing relationships between parents and children. The course is designed to help prevent child abuse, improve communication skills and successfully raise and appropriately discipline children. Call 1-844-803-7233 (24hr.)

SAFER Program

The Services to Adolescents and Families Empowered Recovery (SAFER) Program intends to strengthen the existing community protective factors and mitigate the problematic community risk factors that result in adolescent substance misuse. Through partnering with existing community resources, expanding access to additional resources, and increasing knowledge and use of effective coping strategies, SAFER aims to increase the outcomes positive associated with being a St. Louis community member. 

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